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Address:A 715 World Building, 5062 Linhe Street, Jingkai District, Changchun 130033, China

Sales & Marketing Director: Sun Wenyan(sunnie)

Phone:+86-431-8990 6520

·In English
·First Chinese International website
·Providing the latest news mainly from
China and market overseas
·Focus on China PV market
·Help Chinese enterprise exploit market

《PVTIME Magazine》

·Monthly,in Chinese
·Industry Essence Report
·Professional Photovoltaic Magazine
·Original,Objective and independent reports
·10,000 mainly in China Mainland,Hong Kong, Macao
·Target audience: Markets,Trends,Purchase,
Suppliers,Research, Development,
Financial, Management and Events

·In Chinese, Century New Energy Network
·Professional Photovoltaic Media
·China Photovoltaic Industry commercial information platform
·Provide photovoltaic News, policy, product supply and
demand,Statistics,market,price and so on
·Attracting over 75,000 visitors/month mainly from China
Mainland,Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

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